10 Most Popular Google Doodle Games

What is Google Doodle?

A Google Doodle is a unique, transitory adjustment of the Logo on Google’s landing pages expected to celebrate occasions, accomplishments and remarkable recorded figures. The primary Google Doodle respected the 1998 version of the long-running yearly Burning Man occasion in Black Rock City, Nevada. It was planned by fellow benefactors Larry Page and Sergey Brin to advise clients of their nonappearance if the servers slammed.

How to play Google Doodle Games?

The internet searcher website, which now and then uses its landing page to respect unmistakable figures, is recognizing events with a fresh intuitive. For instance – a birthday shock spinner that offers clients the chance to play 19 of the most paramount Google Doodle games.

When you click on the liveliness, the wheels turn and land on the game aimlessly. Among them are Snake, Tic-Tac-Toe, Pacman, Solitaire, and some more.

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1. PAC-Man (May 21, 2010)

Google Doodle Google Doodle PAC-Man (May 21, 2010)

Play PAC-Man

The Pac-Man Doodle games were a remarkable achievement. It got into articles on its own.

Said to have cost economy around $120 million with lost in work time, it took our sentimental advantage for one of the most well-known computer games of all time. Created for PAC-MAN’s 30th commemoration, the primary ever playable Doodle recreates the experience of the old arcade game.

At first it was propelled for a two-day time frame, as Google anticipated that it should outperform the fame of your ordinary Doodle. The intense reaction was somewhat more than they had seen before.

2. International Women’s Day (May 8, 2017)

Google Doodle Google Doodle International Women's Day 2017

Google has been respecting International Women’s Day on its landing page for a long time; however, in 2017, it went additional mile to give a far-reaching see 13 pioneers that have molded our regular day to day existence.

For instance,  slideshow offers conspicuousness to Egypt’s first female pilot and Korea’s primary female legal advisor . Besides, it urges us to do our exploration to become familiar with every individual, rather than poaching us a couple of fast realities before we proceed onward.

3. Rubik’s Master ( May 19, 2014)

Google Doodle Rubik's Master ( May 19, 2014)

Google Doodle game is an interactive Rubik’s cube to honor the 40th birthday of the addictive puzzle.

See, except if you’re this fellow, you’ve most likely never explained a Rubik’s Cube. Be that as it may, hello, this Doodle lets you utilize various keys on your console to attempt to settle this one. You may never complete it, yet it’s pleasant if you like seeing hues move.

4. Basketball ( 8, August 2012)

Google Doodle Basketball ( 8, August 2012)

It is an another Google Doodle game. If you want to practice your mid-run jumper, don’t hesitate to squash your space bar and set up shots — all this while never leaving your seat. Past style button mashin’ of my childhood was no little piece of the motivation for the 2012 Summer Games intuitive doodles.

5. Charlie Chaplin (April 16, 2011)

Google Doodle Charlie Chaplin (April 16, 2011)

To praise the 122nd birthday of Charlie Chaplin’s introduction to the world, one of Google’s occupant doodlers wore a mustache and cap to pay tribute to the incredible comic virtuoso of the quiet film period.

It was the original real to life Doodle, and it genuinely appears to be a work of adoration from the Google group. Packed with heel-clicking, stick waving, and base kicking, this brief high contrast film is the ideal tribute to Chaplin.

It likewise denotes the start of a period of goal-oriented Doodles that aren’t hesitant to demand the crowd’s consideration for longer than only a couple of moments. In that capacity, the Chaplin Doodle is a necessary connection between the adapted Google logos that were predominant up to 2011 and the rambling encounters that would come from that point.

6. Coding for Carrots (April 27, 2020)

Google Doodle Coding for Carrots (April 27, 2020)

On April 27, 2020, Google Doodle discharged the game ‘Coding For Carrots’, which was initially 2017. The game was initially to praise the 50th birthday of a programming language named Logo.

It was the principal consistently programming language that worked for kids. The game highlights clients were making a straightforward order to a bunny for it to gather carrots on each level.

7. Cricket (April 28, 2020)

Google Doodle Cricket (April 28, 2020)

On April 28, 2020, Google Doodle re-discharged the cricket match-up, which was starting to be a celebratory motion for ICC Championship Trophy in 2017. The intelligent doodle game is a negligible form of the sport of cricket.

8. Fischinger (April 29, 2020)

Google Doodle Fischinger (April 29, 2020)

On April 29, 2020, Google Doodle game re-discharged the Fischinger, which was initially to be a celebratory signal for the dominant producer and visual craftsman Oskar Fischinger in 2017.

This Doodle was first discharged in 2017 to praise the 117th birthday celebration of Oskar Fischinger.

Fischinger was known for making conceptual melodic liveliness, and this Doodle lets you select notes to make your music.

In the realm of structure, Fischinger is a transcending figure, particularly in the regions of movement designs and activity. He is most famous for his capacity to consolidate faultlessly synchronized theoretical visuals with melodic backup; each edge is painstakingly drawn or captured by hand.

An ace of movement and shading, Fischinger went through months — now and again years — arranging and handcrafting his liveliness.

9. Earth Day (April 22, 2020)

Google Doodle Earth Day (April 22, 2020)

On April 22, Google Doodle discharged the most stunning game, which was initially to be a celebratory signal for Earth Day.

I began The Honeybee Conservancy in 2009 for two key reasons:

Initially, I needed to help spare the honey bees, who fertilize 1 of every three chomps of nourishment we eat and are crucial to solid biology. There are 20,000 types of honey bees around the globe who accomplish this fundamental work.

Second, I needed to discover approaches to enable underserved networks like the one I experienced childhood in to create sound nourishment and fabricate green spaces.

What we love about the present Google Doodle is the way it catches the effect a solitary honey bee has on the plants and natural surroundings it visits. Envision at that point, the pollinating power that trillions (truly, trillions!) honey bees have biological systems around the globe!

Doodle additionally helps all of us to remember how little activities performed by people wherever they mean enormous outcomes. And keeping in mind that beekeeping may not be for everybody, there are such a large number of simple approaches to help spare honey bees, even while social removing in this day and age.

10. Mother’s Day 2013

Google Doodle Mother's Day 2013

In case you’re after an increasingly loose and accommodating Google Doodle understanding, why not attempt this delightful Mother’s Day tribute from 2013? A beguiling minimal game, this Doodle permits you to make your special one of a kind Google logo.

Ideal for a couple of moments of fun, this is a Doodle that charms us each time we play.

11. Celebrating Garden Gnomes (May 1, 2020)

Google Doodle Celebrating Garden Gnomes (May 1, 2020)

On May 1, 2020, Google Doodle game re-discharged the Gnomes, which was initially to be an observing Garden Day in Germany – praises these minor sculptures for their tremendous job in German history.

Utilizing your trusty sling, it empowers you to dispatch elves into the most remote compasses of the virtual nursery. The game additionally permits you to pick between six vivid elves, all with their exceptional qualities. The more distant your dwarf ventures, the more blossoms you plant!

Little person figures initially showed up in thirteenth-century Anatolia and reappeared in sixteenth-century Italy. The regular nursery little person started in nineteenth-century Germany from the mining zone of Thuringia. Here, nearby skilled workers have given kudos for hand-creating the small persons as we probably are aware of them—with shaggy facial hair and pointy caps.


In this blog, we are talking about the Most Popular Google Doodle Games. Google Doodle Games is creating for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversary, and many other things. Some Google Doodle Games are the most popular doodle games like PAC-MAN, Snakes, and all. 

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle NamesStarting YearOccasion
PAC- MANMay 21, 201030th Anniversary of PAC- MAN
International Women’s DayMay 08, 2017Happy International Women’s Day
Rubik’s MasterMay 19, 201440th Birthday of Erno Rubik
BasketballAugust 8, 20122012 Summer Games
Charlie ChaplinApril 16, 2011122nd Birthday
Coding for CarrotsApril 27, 2020Re-design ( origin 50th Birthday of Programming language
CricketApril 28, 2020Re- design ( ICC Champion Trophy)
FischingerApril 29, 2020Re – Design ( 117th Birthday Oskar Fischinger)
Earth DayApril 22, 2020Celebrate Earth’s Day
Mother’s DayMay 12, 2013Mother’s Day Special
Garden GnomesMay 1, 2020Re- design ( celebrating Garden Gnomes June 10, 2018

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