Best Browser Games Reviews of 2020

Browser Games Reviews

The best browser games of 2020 are Dragon Knight, League of Angels 3, Demon Slayer 3, Rise of Angels and many others. 

In the world of browser games, high-profile news does not appear so often. But this drawback is offset by the presence of dozens of mega-popular and very interesting projects that are constantly being developed by hardworking developers and continue to attract thousands of players around the world. Today we will consider the existing browser games, which without any doubt will be the best in 2020.

Dragon Knight

Plots of role-playing browser games are sometimes not inferior to large-scale projects, and sometimes surpass them in the number of dialogues and descriptions. It is the text content that creates a unique atmosphere in which you want to dive headlong and study to the last letter. This impact on players boasts Dragon Knight. Although, this game attracts not only the plot but also spectacular battles. Here you can choose a hero from several classes, and then pump it, destroying thousands of monsters every day. And all this in the browser – at home, in the workplace, even on the phone, if a browser with flash support is installed.

In Dragon Knight you will find all the canonical elements for a role-playing genre, which are clearing dungeons, battles with huge demons, developing pets, crafting equipment, numerous PvP confrontations involving hundreds of players. But be careful, you can become addicted to Dragon Knight for long!

Dragon Knight 2

What could be better than regular Dragon Knight? Of course, Dragon Knight 2 is a continuation of one of the best browser-based MMORPGs. The developers carefully listened to the audience’s feedback and supplemented the game with new mechanics and improved graphics. The already familiar gameplay has become much more interesting. Players fight every day, pump heroes, take part in battles in arenas, replenish their menagerie with cute mounts, throw parties and even have noisy weddings!

According to the plot, the ancient dragon, which terrorized the population of the fantasy kingdom in the first part, returned. His impudence should not have gone unpunished. Thousands of heroes, among whom you may be, are prepared to fight back the monster and its demonic army!

League of Angels 2

We have all become accustomed to the muscular knights in shiny armour. It feels like seeing something different for a change. For example, meeting real angels in attractive and sometimes even provocative attires. In League of Angels II, you will meet real goddesses who are faced with the fury of dark forces and suffered a temporary defeat. To restore their power and restore order in the kingdom, powerful artefacts and magic skills are needed. You can get all this only in battle with the armies of monsters – the sooner you start, the faster you will become the most powerful and almost invincible.

In addition to beautiful angels, the game attracts unique gameplay for browser-based role-playing games. It is divided into two parts and consists of travels to locations where the hero can be controlled in real-time, and battles in which orders can be given to four heroes and one spirit at the same time. This combination does not allow you to get bored, because during breaks between battles you can admire the beauties of the local world, chat with NPCs and take advantageous quests.

League of Angels 3

The popularity of the second part forced the developers to start developing the sequel. “Forced” in a good way, because they were pleasantly surprised by the attention to their project and gladly began to implement their new ideas. As in the case of Dragon Knight 2, the third part of the League of Angels has become even more beautiful in terms of graphics. Sometimes one wonders what browsers are capable of, which a few years ago, as it seemed, were suitable only for viewing sites.

In addition to the new graphics, the League of Angel’s trequel will attract you with a plot with many lines that can only be opened after completing all quests, including minor ones. Also, new artefacts have appeared that will help in the war against the terrible dragon Baleria. Oh, these dragons are completely unbelted! Moreover, divine beings went over to the side of the antagonist. Only the greatest heroes can cope with such a problem – whether you become one of them depends on your hard work.

Demon Slayer 3

When evil forces plan to take over the world, it is almost impossible to stop them. So in the world of Demon Slayer 3, there was a large-scale invasion, to which even the bravest knights were not ready. Fortunately, the spirit of the warriors was not broken, and they began to revive their armies, preparing for a retaliatory campaign against demonic hordes.

This game combines role-playing and strategic elements. You will not only pump characters and equip them with powerful artefacts, but also build a castle, train an army, defend your lands. Strategic gameplay will directly affect the role-playing because without a strong army attacking monsters is pointless. And for training units, resources are needed, which can be obtained only thanks to the infrastructure developed in the castle. In general, the economy is first and foremost, but combat (as well as magic) skills are also important, because, without them, a battle cannot be won.

Demon Slayer Reborn

Notice how much hype caused the release of the classic version of World of Warcraft? A similar situation was with the Demon Slayer Reborn, albeit on a more modest scale. Fans were very pleased to touch the game with which their adventure began in the world of magic, legions of darkness and fearless heroes.

Throughout the history of Demon Slayer, game mechanics have repeatedly changed and new events have appeared. In the Reborn version, they all appear in their original form, without changes. One of the brightest returns was the guild battle mode, where a well-chosen strategy and close-knit teamwork made it possible to win even with the enormous numerical advantage of the enemy.

Rise of Angels

Although three-dimensional graphics in browsers are no longer a novelty, Rise of Angels still looks very advantageous against competitors. This game places a serious emphasis on massive PvP battles. To win them, you need heroes with strong objects and pumped skills. Traditionally, for the genre, you can get all this only by going through the plot and cleaning locations from monsters. The grinding process here is not at all boring, because you will not only fight but also get acquainted with the NPC, learn their stories and interesting facts about the game’s universe.

And when you prepare a powerful squad led by a pumped hero, you can fight the bosses, besiege castles, challenge any opponents in PvP and get decent rewards in case of victory. By the way, you can pump here even in AFK mode – there is a special mechanic for this, thanks to which the character will carry out quests even when you move away from the computer.

Imperia Online

“Are there only role-playing games among the best browser games?” You might ask confusedly. And this question will be logical because not everyone likes RPG. Some, for example, prefer strategy. We hasten to reassure, there are representatives of other genres in the top of the best browser games of 2020. For example, Empire Online is a strategy in a medieval setting in which thousands of kingdoms are created and collapsed over the years.

Here you can develop your castle and the surrounding land. As you already know, the better the economy, the greater the chances of winning the war. And it will certainly begin, because the neighbours will begin to notice your economic successes and will want to take away the honestly earned gold, at the same time appropriating valuable territories. With them it will be possible to fight, negotiate and even enter into alliances – you will get acquainted with real medieval diplomacy, thanks to which wars were won not only by force but also by wisdom and insight.

Let`s Fish

And when the war completely bothers you, you can relax by the pond with a fishing rod in your hands. Probably the best browser-based fishing simulator where nearly thirty million people around the world are registered will help. The game is interesting not only in its ability to catch a small fish and admire its scales. An interesting system of skills development is implemented here – every day your character will be more nimble and skilful. The more professional he becomes, the more rare fish he can catch. For what? To sell them and get funds to improve equipment.

In total, you can visit more than forty locations where you can get acquainted with fish, the existence of which was not even suspected. Make money, invest them wisely in your development and get rewards!

SAO`s Legend

Finally, back to role-playing adventures. But not to ordinary ones, but to those who came to us from the world of fantasy anime. Do you remember Sword Art Online? So, SAO’s Legend was created based on this legendary game. In the story, millions of players were in a virtual trap created by a brilliant scientist. You can get out of it only after passing all the tests in a fictional world. And these trials are akin to the deeds of Hercules – incredibly complex and not every fighter can do. Fortunately, each of the participants in the world will receive help from NPCs, who, in exchange for completing quests, will give powerful artefacts and resources. True, all this can be found in the pockets of monsters previously fallen to the ground. In general, everything, as elsewhere, but with unique anime graphics, a deep plot, as well as many interesting mechanics like trading, auto mode and moulding and smithing.

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