5 Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

What are the best bus simulator games for Android? 

Here today, we are going to answer this question. We’ve rounded up the Best Bus Simulator Games For Android in the Google Play Store. 

Bus Simulator Games are a great way to gather practical experience of actually driving a Bus. Bus Simulator games are one of the most popular games among the simulator games players. 

In this list of best bus simulator games for Android, we have listed the most popular and the most liked bus simulator games. All the bus simulator listed here has excellent graphics and sound effects. All the bus driving games listed here are full of attractive features and give you a real bus driving feel.

Best Bus Driving Games (Bus wala Game)

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia: Bus Wala game

Bus Simulator Indonesia is the most liked bus driving game for android, which will let you experience the life of a bus driver. It comes with lots of exciting features and an actual Indonesian environment.

Bus Simulator Indonesia is one of the best bus driving game which comes with High quality and detailed 3D graphics, which will let you feel that you are driving a real bus. Not only the bus, but you can also choose other different vehicles to drive like trucks and van. It has a multiplayer mode by which you can play this game with your friends and family members, which is an exciting feature of this bus simulator game. Dynamic weather in the game makes this game challenging and more realistic.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Features

  • Many Buses to Drive
  • Exiting and Realistic Route
  • Customize your Bus
  • Play online with Friends
  • Drive any kind of vehicles with Mod System
  • Music and Radio Player
  • Weather System

2. Bus Simulator 2015

Bus Simulator 2015 is one of the most installed bus driving games, and it has more than 50,000,000 installed on PlayStore. Bus Simulator 2015 has realistic maps. So, you are going to drive buses on the real roads from the most popular places like Paris, Los Rome, Angeles, Berlin, etc.

Bus Simulator 2015 has detailed interiors of the buses and exterior of the coaches are also very good looking. It has 15 different limousines to choose from, including a school bus, articulated and double-decker. It is easy to drive and control the bus, but custom weather conditions make it challenging.

Bus Simulator 2015 Features

  • Realistic Maps
  • 15 Different Buses
  • Button For Open/Close Doors
  • Mountain, Countryside, City, Desert and Snow
  • Damages Looks Real
  • Detailed Interiors
  • Animated people

3. Coach Bus Simulator

Ovidiu Pop developed Coach Bus Simulator, and they are experts in developing simulator games. One of the most popular games of Ovidiu Pop is Farmer Sim 2015. Farmer Sim 2015 is a very famous game among the farm simulator players. 

Coming back to Coach Bus Simulator, it is one of the best well-designed bus simulator games for android. It comes with fabulous interior design, which gives the feel of the real bus interior. You can do lots of customization on your bus to make it more beautiful and improve its performance. 

Coach Bus Simulator Features

  • Coach Bus Simulator
  • Drive many Coaches
  • Great Interior Design
  • Manage your company
  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • Weather conditions
  • Open World Map

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4. Heavy Bus Simulator

Dynamic Games Entretenimento Ltda developed this one of the best bus driving games. They are the same developer who developed one of the most popular truck simulator game Heavy Truck Simulator. Because of realistic physics buses in the game, looks real and detailed environments make this game more beautiful.

You can drive buses in different locations in Brazil, passing on mountain roads, off-roads, and much more. You can change the paint of your bus according to your choice.

Heavy Bus Simulator Features

  • Very Realistic Gameplay
  • Can Paint your Bus
  • Many cities
  • Lots of Buses
  • Dust
  • Many new features on each update

5. Bus Simulator 17

Ovidiu Pop developed the Bus Simulator 17. It has realistic environments and detailed bus interiors, which will make you feel like driving a real bus. Complete the routes in different types of situations Suburban, Central, Industrial, and Countryside. You can play with your friends online with its multiplayer mode by which you can challenge your friends.

Bus Simulator 17 allows you to create your route and take a free ride with Free Ride Mode. It has lots of different buses to drive, and various weather conditions make trips more enjoyable. 

Bus Simulator 17 Features

  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Realistic Cities
  • Detailed Buses
  • Different weather conditions
  • Free Ride Mode
  • Create your own route

Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

Best Bus Simulator Games
1. Bus Simulator Indonesia
2. Bus Simulator 2015
3. Coach Bus Simulator
4. Heavy Bus Simulator
5. Bus Simulator 17

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