Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 Rupees In India

Having a great gaming PC/Laptop is not enough if you want to win every match of your favourite game you play especially Battle royal games like PUBG and Fortnite were headphones play a very crucial role. Today I have picked the best gaming headphones under 1000 Rupees which are easily available in India.

How to Choose a Gaming Headphones

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headphones

First, you need to choose between wired and wireless gaming headphones both have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose between wired and wireless headphones according to your needs. For example, you need a gaming headphone for you gaming PC or Laptop, and you don’t move a lot while playing a game or using headphone then a wired gaming headphone is a good option for you. Good wired gaming headphones cost you much lesser than a wireless headphone.

In this list of Top 5 Gaming Headphones Under 1000 Rupees, I have included only wired gaming headphones because there is only some option in wireless gaming headphones in this budget and those are not good. If you are looking for decent wireless gaming Headphone, then you need at least 2,000 rupees.

I would suggest you buy a wired gaming headphone if your budget is Rs. 1,000.


Microphones are very important if you play battle royal, games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds where communication is important to win every match. So, I have kept this in my mind while making this list of best gaming headphone. Or if you play offline games, then the microphone doesn’t matter a lot, but I would suggest you buy a headphone with a good microphone if you want to play battle royal games in future.


Comfort is very import for a gamer if a headphone is not comfortable, then long gaming section will be irritating, and you can’t give your 100% to the game. If a headphone is comfortable, it will feel good on your head and ears and will be able to play games for a long time with no problem.

There are mainly two type of Gaming Headphone

  1. On-Ear Headphones

As the name implies, on-ear headphones go over the head and rests on top of the ears.

2. Over-Ear Headphones

They are more comfortable then on-ear because they don’t crunch your ears like some of the on-ear models.

3. In In-Ear Headphones

The smallest headphones often referred to as earbuds or buds.

Looks and Design

Looks and design is the last thing you should see in a gaming headphone because it doesn’t impact a lot of headphone performance and sound. There are a lot of gaming headphones which come with RGB and very cool design but I have included only headphone which looks good as well as sounds good.

1. Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic

Cosmic Byte GS410 - Gaming Headphones Under 1000

Cosmic Byte is known for its budget-friendly gaming accessories and, provides good quality to every gamer. GS410 is the best entry-level gaming headphones it costs approx ₹1100. GS410 is one of the coolest looking gaming headphones at this price. It comes with 3.5 jack which is perfect for playing games, listening to music, etc. It has 3.5 jack so you can use it with PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, PC, iPhone and Android Phones.

Soft cushion head-pad, ear-pad and adjustable length hinges make it very comfortable headphone which you can use for hours of gaming. It’s clear sound and, deep bass doubles the enjoyment of the video game you play. It has a smart in-line remote control for sound and mic from where you can increase or decrease the volume of the sound, and you can also switch-on and switch-off the microphone which the little switch available on the side of remote control.

You have seven different colour options black & blue, black and red, Camo Black, Camo, Green, Camo Grey, Green, Grey.

Price: ₹7,999

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2. Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphone

Cosmic Byte GS430 - Gaming Headphones Under 1000

If you are looking for a gaming headphone which provides a good sound quality as well as comes with a great look, then Cosmic Byte GS430 is best for you. It cost a little more then ₹1000, but it wort buy. If your budget is ₹ 1,166 then I suggest you buy GS430 rather then Cosmic Byte GS410 because it has RGB which gives it a cool look. 

It has high precision magnetic neodymium driver which offer a 360-degree soundscape and, it makes you feel the realism while playing games. It comes with a noise cancellation boom which picks up your voice accurately and removes the background noise. You can easily adjust its mic according to you.

It’s Ergonomic design it is very comfortable to use and, it is designed for naturally fit the human head. Its earmuff is comfortable because those are filled, with soft memory foam. If shares your headphone with others then, adjustable headband help too, fit different people.

Cosmic Byte GS430 has 3. 5mm jack, compatible with PS4, Xbox One S/X, PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, tablets, mobile phone. To use RGB you have to insert USB into USB port.

Price*: ₹ 949

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3. Boat BassHeads 225

Boat BassHeads 225

Boat BassHeads 225 is one of the most popular headphone manufacturing company in India. I have added this earphone in this list because of its sound and microphone quality. I have played video games on PC and Mobile using this headphone for six months and, it works excellent on both the devices.

Its noise isolation microphone has surprised me. I have played Valorant, PUBG PC, Fall Guys and GTA V on PC and COD mobile and PUBG Mobile with this earphone it was awesome, how its mic picks your voice, not the background noise.

It comes with a free caring case so you can use it anywhere you want. The engraved medal finish makes it strong and gives a good look. It comes in six different colours Black, Blue, Forest Green, Neon Lime, Neon Lime and Red.

Boat BassHeads 225 is a good option if you are looking for an In-ear best gaming headphones under 1000 Rupees. 

Price*: ₹ 649

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4. Boat Bassheads 242

Boat Bassheads 242 - Gaming Headphones Under 1000

Boat Bassheads 242 is a sibling of BassHeads 225 and, it comes with stretch resistance cable which is very durable. HD inspirational sound 10mm drivers provide a great sound. It comes with 3.5 jack so, you can use it with any device which supports 3.5 jacks.

It has Easy Access Controls with In-line mic which picks up your voice very well and, you can control volume levels and, you get a play and pause button. If you are looking for a gaming in-ear headphone under ₹600 then this is the best option.

Price*: ₹ 538

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5. Realme Buds 2 with Mic

I have been using the Realme Buds 2 with Mic for the last ten months and had a very good experience. The touch button facilitates to control the music, incoming calls, videos, and while gaming and even summon your voice assistant directly. Realme buds 2 features built-in magnets and a cable strap which are designed to provide the ultimate solution for neatly storing your earphones. Its durable and high quality of sound can be easily identified.

Price*: ₹ 599

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These are my handpicked gaming headphones under Rs. 1,000 for you. If you can increase your budget a little, then I would suggest you buy Cosmic Byte GS410 or GS430 because these are good-looking headphones. If you are looking for mobile gaming headphones then Boat BassHeads 225, Boat Bassheads 242, and Realme Buds 2 with Mic are good, options for you all of these come with microphones. You can also read 10 Best Earphones Under 1000 With Mic In India for other options. Hope this article will help you to choose the best gaming headphones under 1000 Rupees.

Top 5 Gaming Headphones Under 1,000 Rupees

Cosmic Byte GS410₹ 1,099
Cosmic Byte GS430₹ 1,199
Boat BassHeads 225₹ 649
Boat Bassheads 242₹ 538
Realme Buds 2 with Mic₹ 599

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