Best Horror Multi-Player Games for Android

Whether they are games, movies, escape rooms, or haunted house attractions, anything that falls in the genre of horror is generally made to scare the wits out of us. Then why do we love the horror multi-player games genre so much? 

The answer to that is the thrill and the adrenaline rush! There is something funny and enjoyable about experiencing made-up terror with our friends. The stimulating experience that almost seems real, the synchronized screams during an unexpected jump scare, and the laughter that follows is a moment to remember. 

If you’re a brave heart in need of some quick adrenaline-rush, luckily, you can now experience the same adventure on your android smartphone! If you are ready for the jump scares, Read further!

Top 4 Best Horror Multi-Player Games for Android

Best Horror Multi-Player GamesStar Rating Out of 5
Granny’s House4.0
Virtual Horror Escape Rooms
Identity V4.0
Horror Field4.3

1. Granny’s House

Granny's House: 1/4 Best Horror Multi-Player Games for Android

A traditional horror game, Granny’s House is one of the top horror simulation arcades on the Google Play store! The format of this game is like classic hide-and-seek, the only difference being the seeker is a maniac Grandma who loves kidnapping and locking up small children.  

The storyline revolves around a girl named Dorothy and a few other kidnapped kids. Their mission is to escape the mansion without getting caught by the creepy gram. The best part is, you get to choose who you want to be: the victim or the villain herself! 

The game provides players with a variety of interactive gameplay with seven different modes: 

  • Craft Mode 
  • Story Mode 
  • Ignite Mode 
  • Escape Mode 
  • Escape (items) 
  • Infection Mode  
  • Occupation Mode 

The Escape Mode is all about the interaction with your fellow players. If you get to become the granny, your goal is to scour the mansion and catch the kids before they run away from you. You also have to make sure the others don’t try to rescue the kids you have already trapped! 

If you turn up as a survivor, you have to search keys, unlock doors, and rescue your comrades as you avoid the wrath of the psycho granny!  

You can also get creative as the game allows you to access several weapons, costumes, and characters. The free to install arcade will surely leave you and your friends biting their nails in fear (in case you take your fingers off your screen)!

2. Virtual Horror Escape Rooms

Virtual Horror Escape Rooms

The main feature of this horror game is that you can play it on a Zoom call! Originally, escape rooms were hosted in real themed rooms where a team was locked with a bunch of related puzzles and clues. Since some of these escape room companies have been shut down temporarily due to unfortunate circumstances, they have introduced these rooms in a virtual format! For virtual birthday celebrations.

Here’s how it works: Firstly, you have to make a booking with any escape brand that caters to online horror room experiences for your group. The game host will then send you a Zoom link that you and your friends can click on to join! It’s as simple as that!  

There will be a game guide in the call who will take up the duty of your eyes, ears, and hands! You and your friends can navigate him around as he breaks spells, uncovers clues, and encounters jump scares! This game will also keep you alert and quick as you will have to escape the horror room under a time limit of 60 minutes, failing which you be trapped and haunted forever!  Whether you are looking for some effective stay-at-home team-building or some spooky fun time with friends and family, horror virtual escape rooms are the best choice. All you need is a video conference app which is easily available on the play store and your android smartphone, and you are good to go!

3. Identity V

Identity V: 3/4 Best Horror Multi-Player Games for Android

Identity V was initially a PC game published by NetEase that released the android mobile version in 2018 due to its popularity. Each match begins with a team of 5 players where one of them is a creepy hunter, and the rest are survivors.  

The gameplay follows the good old “escape from the bad guys” plot, where hunters track and torture their prey, and the survivors hide and decode an escape. 

Identity V has a narrative with a variety of characters with different backstories and abilities and weaknesses, giving the game more depth. 

With top-notch sound effects and Tim-burton-inspired visual graphics, the game is nothing but a treat for the eyes. The game controls are also as smooth as velvet, guaranteeing you a slick gaming experience.

4. Horror Field

Horror Field

Another survival-based game, Horror field is about an escape from four maniac butchers. The goal of the survivor is to join forces, develop fool-proof strategies, and switch on all the power generators before you get killed by the deadly psychopaths. Whereas the goal of the maniacs is pretty straightforward. Find the hiding shelter of the victims and commit agonizing murder!  

You can play as one of the seven survivors who have their assets and liabilities. The survivors are inspired by general occupations like: 

  • Basketball Player 
  • Doctor 
  • Engineer  
  • Thief  
  • Mercenary 
  • Scientist 
  • Police Officer 

Time is never in favor of these survivors! The butchers can break generators and walk faster, so they do have the upper hand. The hunters also have realistic and creepy appearances, and we can confirm that they will scare the living daylights out of you! 

So, use your available skills and wit to escape! The game also has additional unique features like character levelling, crafting systems, and high detailed locations for immersive gameplay. 

Do you have the skill and agility to escape without screaming in fright and falling into deadly traps? Find out by giving this game a try with your friends!

Conclusion of Best Horror Multi-Player Games for Android

In this day and age, video games have certainly surpassed just being a hobby or a time-pass activity. The stimulative recreation and growing demand have made it one of the top forms of entertainment. So, finding a good game that will promote social interaction and boost our mood is a must. 

True fans of horror gaming will know the value of a good arcade that can keep them hooked and alert. In this article, we have listed four of the best forms of horror gaming. They have an excellent rating on Play Store and an even better response from the android gamers! So, put on your game face and taste of the flavour of the immersive virtual world!

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