Discord’s Go Live feature will let users stream games to up to 10 friends

Discord is going to launch its new feature Go Live on launch on Aug. 15 which Discord announced on Friday. Discord’s Go Live will let users stream games up to 10 other people. Viewers can view a gamer stream through the desktop app or by a browser.

Discord’s Go Live is an expansion of Discord’s screen sharing feature which Discord launched approximately two years ago. Go Live will require game detection to activate. User can do Go Live broadcasts only if he/she currently in the same Discord voice channel as the stream’s host.

Go Live game streams will broadcast at 720p automatically. But Discord’s paid subscribers have more options.

Nitro Classic subscribers:

  • Can stream up to 1080p & 60 fps

Nitro subscribers:

  • Can stream up to 4K & 60 fps.

Discord has an average of 56 million active users per month 250 million registered users on the service and It’s rapidly growing since it launched in 2015.

Will, you can use Discord’s Go Live feature?

  • For Desktop Users Only
  • No webcam support
  • Limited to 10 viewers
  • Not Supports Mac and Linux

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