How to Play God of War: Ghost of Sparta on Android in 2020

God of War: Ghost of Sparta on Android

In today’s article, I am going to tell how to download and play God of Sparta on Android.

If you like to play action games, and spent time playing action games on your Android phone then God of War: Ghost of Sparta is for you.

God of War was never built for computer and Android but, you have seen people playing God of War on PC using Play Station emulator.

The question here is how to play God of War: Ghost of Sparta on Android phones?

Same as PC there is a Play Station emulator for Android also have an emulator to play Play Station which is PPSSPP. 

The thing needs to play God of War: Ghost of Sparta on Android

  • 260mb of the internet to download game and app to play it.
  • ZArchiver
  • PSSP Gold

How to Download and install God of War: Ghost of Sparta on Android

  1. Download ZArchiver from play store or the link given below.
  2. Download game and pssp gold from the link given below.
  3. Now open ZArchiver on your Android phone and extract the zip file.
  4. Now open pssp gold and enjoy the game.

Settings To Play God of War: Ghost Of Sparta on Android (Only change the settings which are mentioned)


  • Backend: Vulkan
  • Mode: Skip buffer effects (non-buffered, faster)
  • Simulate Block Transfer effects:
  • Frame Skipping: 1
  • Rendering Resolution: 2x PSP
  • Display Resolution (HW Scaler): 2x PSP
  • Hardware transform:
  • Software skinning:
  • Vertex Cache:
  • Lazy Texture Caching (speedup):
  • Retain changed textures (sometimes slower):
  • Disable slower effects (speedup):
  • Spline/Bezier curves quality: Low
  • Upscale level: 2x
  • Texture filtering: Auto
  • Screen scaling filter: Linear


  • Audio Latency: Low


  • I/O Timing method: Host(bugs, less lag)
  • Change emulated PSP’s CPU clock (Unstable): 60
  • Rewind snapshot frequency (mem hog): 60
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