Top 5 Helicopter Shooting Games For Android

We all want to fly a helicopter, in real life it is very difficult but you can full fill your dreams in the virtual world by playing these helicopter shooting games. These are the top 5 helicopter fighting games for Android. In helicopter shooting games, you can do many things like attack dangerous terrorists, modify your helicopter for different combat, Arm helicopter with weapons and equipment, and many more things to do. These games are full of action and drama.

Best Helicopter Shooting Games

1. GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D

Joycity Corp has developed the Gunship Battle. More than 50 million people installed the Gunship Battle from Google Play. This helicopter 3d game has very good graphics. This game has episode mode which is inspired by real-life conflicts that’s unique. Gunship Battle is also optimized for tablets In other words you can play it on tablets without facing any problem. If you love to play FPS and shooting game then this helicopter shooting games is for you.

Download GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D

2. Gunship Strike 3D

Candy Mobile has developed the Gunship Strike. Fire powerful guns and missiles to enemies from your army helicopter to the enemy base. In addition, It offers Multiple helicopters with a variety of equipment and weapons. You need to complete 40+ missions to end the game. 3D graphics are good.

Download Gunship Strike 3D

3. Air Force Shooter 3D – Helicopter Games

3. Air Force Shooter 3D - Helicopter Games

Yes Game Studio developed Air Force Shooter 3D- Helicopter Games. In this game your on the seat of a gunship gunner and shoot enemies. You have to destroy the enemy bases from your army helicopter. The 3d visual graphics are stunning. Missions are full of action, realistic and immersive. Controls are smooth and easy to control.

Download Air Force Shooter 3D – Helicopter Games

4. Helicopter Sim

Helicopter Sim

RORTOS developed the games Helicopter Sim. Similar to the other games in this list of helicopter shooting games in this game also you have to demolish enemy bases, attack with machine guns and launch the devastating missiles to the enemy base. It has 24 missions to be completed and 3 levels of difficulty.

  • Scenarios – 5
  • Missions – 30
  • Challenges – 90

Download Helicopter Sim

5. Helicopter Games Simulator

Helicopter Games Simulator

This helicopter shooting game is developed by ALP GAMES. If you are looking helicopter fighting games with stunning graphics then this game is for you. It comes with amazing 3D environments and Realistic helicopters sound effects make it more real. Their multiple weapons to fire, variety of army helicopter to fly with. Your mission is to attack the enemies tanks, battleships and destroy them with your military helicopter.

Download Helicopter Games Simulator

Ready to destroy dangerous terrorist base?

In conclusion, these are the top 5 best helicopter shooting games for Android for free. There too many helicopter war games available on play stores but we found these helicopter games best among all of them. These games are full of action and interesting missions. I hope you will enjoy playing this helicopter games to play.

Best Helicopter Shooting Games For Android

Top 5 Helicopter Fighting Games
Gunship Strike 3D
Air Force Shooter 3D – Helicopter Games
Helicopter Sim
Helicopter Games Simulator

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