Logitech G102 Gaming Mouse Price, Specification & Review

Logitech G102 Design

The Logitech G102 mouse is compact, its dimensions are only 39 x 63 x 117 mm, and it is a rather light mouse, the mass of which is 85 grams excluding cable. It is one of the lightest gaming mice on the market.

The mouse has 6 control elements (two main buttons, a wheel, two side buttons, and a sensitivity switch button).

The mouse is designed quite simply and does not have any extra or protruding elements. It is well assembled, without gaps, joints, nothing rattles inside, the lens does not hang.

The Logitech logo is applied to the top panel below, which is highlighted when connected to a computer. Made of matte plastic, more granular on the sides. Its surface is very smooth to the touch. The mouse is practically uncontaminated and easy to clean.


Pressing the main buttons is quite light, accompanied by a dull and somewhat smeared click. After pressing, it immediately triggers. In general, the click is easy and pleasant, both by clicking and by sound. Omron switches are under the main buttons designed for 10 million clicks.

The wheel is on top. The wheel is made entirely of solid quality rubber, which makes it feel very nice. Behind the wheel is a sensitivity switch that does not interfere with the mouse.

The side buttons are small, but they feel good and they are conveniently located. Pressed tight, but clearly and neither of them slops. There is a small space between the buttons with which it is easy to distinguish one button from another.   


The bottom surface of the mouse is covered with Teflon. This material is dust-free, and therefore the sensor window will always be clean. The mouse is equipped with one of the best budget optical Mercury sensors with a resolution of 200 to 6000 DPI. The separation height is 1 mm. The sensor window is located approximately in the center of the mouse.

The sensor has an excellent balance of speed and sharpness. The optical sensor follows all hand movements well and clearly. The separation distance from the surface of this mouse is not very large, and it does not adjust in any way, which is a disadvantage. 

The Logitech G102 mouse sensor has excellent technical specifications that are almost as good as the more expensive gaming mice that use the Pixart PMW3366 or Pixart PMW3360 sensor.

The legs of the mouse are thick and simple in shape. There 5 legs in total, two on the top, two on the bottom and one in the center around the sensor itself. Teflon legs, as well as their size, allow the mouse to stay very stable on any surface, be it a mouse pad, a plastic surface, or even a wooden table. 


The mouse wire has a moderate thickness, without braiding – this is done to make it softer, but the wire is not very straightened and not quite obedient. There is a little bend protection on the front. The length of the wire is 2 meters.


The back-light in the mouse is made of the usual three LEDs. It has several back-light modes, which are static color or transfusion, and a full palette of colors. 

Advantage Of Logitech G102

The advantage of this mouse is the availability of official software. The manufacturer offers everyone who wants to customize the characteristics of the mouse for themselves to download and install the Logitech Gaming Software proprietary software. The software is convenient to use, with its help you can change the DPI of the mouse (in increments of 50 DPI), back-light and brightness.

It is possible to create several profiles, and in each profile customize settings of their own.

There is no worthy alternative on the market for such a price. The optical Mercury sensor is its main advantage. In technical specifications, it is as good as other optical sensors that are used in more expensive models, such as the Pixart PMW3366 or Pixart PMW3360. As for the disadvantages, it should be noted that the dimensions of the case are more suitable for people with small and medium-sized hands. If your hands are rather big, using such a mouse may be inconvenient.

Logitech G102 Full Specification

  • Optical Mercury sensor
  • Sensor Resolution – 200 – 6000 DPI
  • 6 buttons + scroll wheel
  • Length of wires – 2 m
  • Built-in memory for settings
  • Button to change the resolution on the mouse case
  • Customizable back-light
  • Soft keys
  • Max. Acceleration:> 25 G
  • Max. speed:> 5.08 m/s (200 inps)
  • USB data format: 16 bits per axis
  • USB port polling frequency: 1000 Hz (1 ms)
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM processor
  • Buttons (left/right): 10 million clicks


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