Quick Checkers: The Best Online Checkers Game for iOS and Android

Checkers, otherwise known as draughts, may have been around for several millenniums, with the earliest form of the game dating back to 3,000 B.C.E, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most widely played board games today.

Traditionally played 1v1 on an actual tabletop board, the game has changed with the times, and can now be played online thanks to the infinite possibilities brought about by the Digital Age.

One of the best online checkers games right now is Quick Checkers, created by leading Dutch video game developer, GamoVation.

Currently available for download both on iOS and Android.

Quick Checkers Features

Play Against Random Opponents

A quick game of checkers will not only boost your memory recall but also improve on your problem-solving skills.

So why not challenge yourself against random players from all over the globe and prove that you are the unrivalled checkers master?

An Extensive Range of Locations

Quick Checkers has a wide range of real locations to choose from, with renowned cities such as New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro.

The only requirement is that you’ll need to earn experience and level up in order to gain access.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and play in your favorite city in the world?

Convenient In-game Chat System

Other than the fact that you’re at liberty to choose your own custom avatar, in addition to the dozens of unique checker skins and avatars to choose from, Quick Checkers also allows you to instantly communicate with friends and other random players.

Great Graphics and Amazing Sound Effects

Whereas some games could come off as cumbersome, Quick Checkers has an appealing and easily accessible user interface that gives you an easy time when it comes to navigating through the App.

The sound effects, on the other hand, create a soothing ambience that you certainly won’t get enough of.

Exciting Rewards

A great game is never complete without a befitting rewarding system. Quick Checkers isn’t left behind on this, as it has a range of milestones and achievements which will not only attract rewards but also help to boost your reputation in the game.

Fun Ranking System

Quick Checkers is fitted with a ranking system which not only makes the game more competitive but also helps individual players to track their performances and progress in the game, in comparison to other players. 

Given the impressive number of users currently playing from all over the world, wouldn’t it be great to monitor how you rank against players from your country and on a global scale?

Although we are looking to add a number of cool features to the game in the coming months, we do welcome any suggestions, comments or feedback, as they will go a long way in helping us improve this checkers game.

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