Samsung Galaxy M30s Price in India, Reviews, Features, Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M30s – Full phone specifications and Review

How good this smartphone is and what is bad about it sad, how long does its super-powerful battery last and does the Samsung Galaxy M30s cost the money they ask for it.

Samsung has a hard time in the low-cost smartphone market. Throughout the past year, the company actively fought with Chinese manufacturers who staged carpet bombing, releasing interesting and affordable smartphone models one after the other.

Now Samsung is trying to beat competitors with their weapons. The new smartphone Samsung Galaxy M30s promises to be very successful. See for yourself: AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution, NFC, triple main camera. But the most delicious is the 6000 mAh battery, which should provide a very long time in any use case.

We decided to approach this smartphone from every angle, and we will tell you about all its advantages, disadvantages, and what the manufacturer saved on.


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Table Of Contents

Samsung Galaxy M30s Design
Buttons and Outlets
Display of Samsung Galaxy M30s
Gaming Performance
Accumulator and battery life
Owner Recognition
Camera Features

Samsung Galaxy M30s Design

Samsung Galaxy M30s Design
  • Dimensions: 159 x 75.1 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 189.3 grams
  • Body colours: Black, Blue, White

The design of the smartphone is not catchy, but practical. The front side is appealing with the relatively thin frames – a little more than 2 mm, and at the bottom frame – about 7 mm). Let alone the screen with a high-quality oleophobic coating and a neat teardrop-shaped cutout, over which the speaker is located, and to the left – the proximity sensor. The smartphone has a gradient back cover colour – dark tones border on light blue, and there are more standard options with black or white body colour for sale.

And again, plastic! The backside of this model, just like the side faces, is made of easily soiled plastic, on which fingerprints and scratches are visible. And although there are no complaints about the assembly, and you cannot call the device very slippery, the cover is still needed due to the too dirty back surface.


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Buttons and Outlets

Samsung Galaxy M30s Buttons and Outlets
  • Connector: USB Type-C
  • SIM card slot: separate
  • 3.5 mm outlet: yes
  • Stereo Speaker: None

There is still a mini-jack. It is located on the back end, near the Type-C outlet, mike and speaker hole. The second microphone is traditionally located on the smartphone’s upper bound.

The main speaker is medium volume and nothing more, though the sound quality is not bad, without wheezing and strong distortion. The vibration strength is average or slightly above average, and the earpiece pleased with its high volume.

You will not have to make an unpleasant choice between the second SIM card and the memory card. The tray immediately for two SIM cards of nano format and a microSD card is located on the left side. On the right side, as usual, the power key and volume control.

Another attempt to save money is the location of the fingerprint scanner. Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung did not spend money on a scanner built into the display but put the usual one on the reverse side of the smartphone. Even though for some users this classic solution will even please.

Display Samsung Galaxy M30s

Display Samsung Galaxy M30s
  • Diagonal: 6.4 inches
  • Matrix: Super AMOLED
  • Resolution: 2340×1080 (FullHD +)

The display on the Samsung Galaxy M30s is very good. The smartphone has an AMOLED matrix with high-resolution FullHD + and excellent viewing angles.

The main advantages of the screen are of high brightness and good anti-glare properties. When the screen is filled with white, the indicator stays at about 600 cd/m², which is more than enough to read the information in bright sunshine. The smaller the screen is filled with white, the higher its brightness will be, so in real-life scenarios, the brightness will go up to about 830 cd/m². The minimum brightness, in turn, is perfect for using the screen in the dark (1.8 cd/m²).

In the settings of the Samsung Galaxy M30s, we see the adjustment of colour gamut and colour temperature. You can change them through the profiles “Natural” and “Saturated” colours. The “Natural” profile is prefect from the realism of colours, but when you select “saturated colours”, the displayed image becomes unrealistically bright, besides with a slight predominance of blue.

The rounded corners of the display interfere. The official diagonal is 6.4 inches, but taking into account the rounded corners, the diagonal visible to the user is approximately 6.22 inches. The same bevelled corners sometimes do not allow you to view some of the information displayed on the screen, so you have to take screenshots and consider what was hidden on them.

The screen flickers more than we ever wanted to. The smartphone screen flickers at a frequency of 60 Hz when the maximum brightness is set, and at a frequency of 240 Hz when the brightness level is reduced. If at the maximum the modulation amplitude is small and not dangerous, then the lower the brightness, the higher the ripple coefficient, which can lead to increased fatigue when reading information from the screen.

The modulation amplitude of the Samsung M30s is noticeably higher than that of the Samsung Note 10, but the DC Dimming function was not on the menu. However, it is a coin toss whether a lot of Samsung M30s owners will focus on this at all.

Performance, form and games

  • Processor: eight-core Exynos 9611, frequency 2.3 GHz, 1.7 GHz
  • Graphics: Mali G72 MP3
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Built-in memory: 64 GB UFS 2.1

This model runs on the latest Exynos 9611 chipset, which was announced in September 2019. So far, this chipset, in addition to the M30s model, has been announced only in the Samsung Galaxy A50s model. The processor is designed for mid-range devices and provides a decent level of performance, which is proved by the results of synthetic tests. It remains only to highlight the absence of significant throttling.

If you are not greedy, trying to set the maximum graphics settings in games, you can get a consistently high number of frames. In PUBG Mobile, it is better to limit yourself to “High” when setting the frame rate and graphics, with large values, the picture periodically starts to slow down. Fortnite is not supported by the device, in World of Tanks at maximum there are drawdowns of up to about 40 FPS, and in Guns of Boom, the frame rate is kept at 60 FPS.

The brand form One UI 1.5 pleases with a large number of functions, nice design and high speed. A few days after the first power-up, the device detected and installed a new firmware with corrections.

At high loads, the top of the display is heated up. Almost always, it is the back surface that heats up in mobile devices, but in M30s model, both according to the sensations and according to the thermal viewer, the upper part of the screen is the warmest. There was no high temperature recorded, but with running games, there is slight discomfort. In theory, this can negatively affect the screen, but something definite can be said only after prolonged use and studying user reviews.

Accumulator and battery life

  • Battery capacity: 6000 mAh (standard)
  • Fast charge: supported, up to 15 watts
  • C / a kit: 15 W

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy M30s is just a beast. The 6000 mAh battery is a record for Samsung, and in conjunction with an energy-efficient chip and an AMOLED display, this gives remarkable battery life indicators.

For example, at 50% brightness, you can play PUBG Mobile for more than 12 hours, and this is at high graphics settings. One hour of watching HD-video in the application MX-player reduces the charge by 4%, and one day in standby mode by about 3%.

Fast charging could be faster. Charging with 15 W, which is used in the Samsung Galaxy M30s, now you will not surprise anyone, but in combination with a capacious battery, wish it was faster. With a standard charger, the smartphone will have to spend about 2.5 hours at the outlet.

Owner Recognition

Owner Recognition Samsung Galaxy M30s
  • Fingerprint scanner: Yes, back
  • Face recognition: Yes, 2D

On average, it takes 0.5 seconds to unlock using a fingerprint, which is not the best, but tolerable result. But with the precision of recognition, everything is fine.

According to Face ID, Samsung Galaxy M30s is inferior to competitors. Unlocking in the face lasts about 1.2 seconds, and here the smartphone is far from the record for recognition speed, and the recognition accuracy is imperfect, especially in low light. There are cheaper devices that handle unlocking better.


Samsung Galaxy M30s Cameras SPEC
  • Main module: 48 MP, f/2.0, PDAF, LED flash
  • Additional modules: ultra-wide-angle module: 20 MP, f/2.2, angle 123 degrees; Depth sensor: 5 megapixels, f/.2.
  • Front camera: 16 megapixels, f/2.0, selfie focus.
  • Modes: 4K video recording, super slow motion, super stabilization and hyper-lapse.

The triple main camera is not perfect, but not bad either. Although the main module is far from being the fastest, pictures in the dark can be called successful. Objects in photographs turn out brighter than in reality. Unexpectedly well-implemented bokeh effect. It can be configured both before shooting and after.

Video can be recorded in 4K resolution, but in this case, various effects, as well as image stabilization, will not be available. It seems that in some cases it will be the best option to choose FullHD resolution.

The front camera is a strong middling. It is prone to blur its face a little, due to which the detail deteriorates, but various imperfections that may be on the skin are smoothed out. The flash is a white-filled screen.

Artificial intelligence does not work perfectly. In some photographs of the same subject, taken at intervals of several seconds, colour reproduction may change in the direction of cold or warm colours.

The flash suddenly became the main problem – it steadily illuminates photographs in the lower-left corner, but it is also periodically visible when recording video with the diode turned on. We believe that in the next version of the firmware this will be corrected.

Samsung managed to make a surprisingly balanced smartphone that can compete on equal terms with the Chinese devices on the market.

One powerful battery is worth it, but there is also a bright screen with excellent colour reproduction, NFC and good modules of the main camera.

Not the smartest unlock methods and the plastic, overly glossy case may not suit, however, these are the disadvantages that you can put up with.

Of course, for that price, you can find more productive solutions in stores, but the M30s model focuses on a completely different one. Thus, it will bring diversity to the market and will find its buyer.

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